Geek out with these hop posters

Here’s a fun challenge for the week: Find something more eye-pleasing and beer-geekier than these posters. Or, give up and spend some time browsing the gallery.

Beyond flavor and aromatics, hops aren’t exactly the most enthralling topic to discuss. But Washington, D.C.-based design studio Committee on Opprobriations neatly blended the vital stats of hop varieties with cool conceptualization for a fresh look at single hopping. From Meridian to Amarillo to Pacifica, the posters capture the identity of each hop in indie rock show poster fashion while quietly informing you of stuff like country and date of origin, alpha and beta acid percentages and usage. Finally, there’s a way to relay such dry information to casual drinkers without fear of their eyes glazing over in boredom.

This is advanced-level geekery. Excuse me while I look for my wallet.